I can’t really do a review about fantasy football because (a) I am not a particularly good fan of football (in that, I have watched some games, and I have watched the Superbowl, and I have attended some games, but I am not invested in the sport), and (b) I have never participated in a fantasy football league.  So instead, I ask the reader: have you had good experiences with fantasy football?  What compels you about it as a game?  What about in relation to the sport?  Are they separable?

One issue I have with team sports is that I never really feel invested in the team.  I have felt very invested in the people competing, especially with individual sports and when my friends (or I!) are on a particular team, but I can’t seem to find the “fan bone” that would make me devoted to one in particular.  The closest I came to team devotion was living in Boston when the Red Sox went nuclear during 2003 and 2004, and even then I feel like I was held up by the tide of fandom and not really a part of it.

Lee and I were chatting about fantasy football after work / during dinner, and I got the sense that I am missing out on some interesting social gaming… not to mention the system he outlined is kind of like build-your-own-team.  And if I care about individuals, and not teams, then surely a team of my own construction from individuals I care about would be the solution?  I think I have commented before that I don’t really feel like I can connect with friends on the sports axis, and maybe this is a step in an interesting direction.