I was at the supermarket the other day, and I thought to myself, I haven’t had dry cereal in a while as a breakfast.  So I wandered down that aisle and couldn’t find anything particularly interesting… until I wandered by Raisin Nut Bran.  I used to love getting this cereal when I was in school, mostly because (1) it feels healthy because there are so many wheat/bran flakes involved, and (2) it’s delicious because of the raisins in a sweet nut shell.  So I purchased a large box, and even as I now snack on it, I wanted to talk about how it measured up.

My thoughts:

  • It still delivers on the raisin covered in delicious nut shell promise.
  • It doesn’t hold up well (well, the flakes don’t) in milk for any significant period of time, and in air when I accidentally left the box open.
  • I find myself searching for the raisins, which means the base cereal is not doing its job of being “good enough” in a bowl for regular bites.  I normally expect a “highlight” item like the raisins to make some bites much more enjoyable, but not be a requirement for each bite.

I would stay stick with Honey Nut Cheerios or equivalent; they did not live up to my fond memories.  A cereal of all nut-covered raisins, however…

Overall: C+
Sweet Nuts (That’s What She Said): A-
Half-Life in Milk: ~10 minutes (below average)