I didn’t really want to frame this as a review, because it’s more of a catalogue of discovery and my associated learnings/feelings.  Today, basically as a side project while we drafted another rotisserie, I created my costume for the Birthday/Halloween party lovingly referred to as “Birthoween,” over at Casa de Davidson.  My plan was clear in my head: Repeater, from Plants vs. Zombies.  As with most plans, the execution is the tricky part (the devil is in the details) and I feel like I really reconnected with some of my crafting behaviors of high school and backward.

One of the things I love about creating an arts & crafts project is the MacGyver-ish phase where you kind of inventory your available materials and skills and determine whether you will be able to make the picture in your head into the item in reality.  I feel I am well-off in some areas (duplication from reference, innovative use of materials) and poor in others (general lack of “crafty” skills, aesthetic sensibility).  Still, it’s kind of like a little puzzle for each step of creation, trying to figure out whether I need to learn to do something new or if I can cleverly assemble what I already have into the solution.

For this project in particular, I found it amusing that many folks suggested I sew together the Repeater-hat I wanted, but in the end I ended up using staples as the “poor man’s sewing kit.”

I think this activity has inspired me to create more.  I definitely feel like I should have taken more opportunities to build stuff while I was in college, since so many folks in Blacker were into doing so, especially Nate.  The key to keep me interested, I think, is the subdivision into many smaller tasks and a separate part of my brain keeping track of the overall strategy.