To those who are somehow unaware, for about six months a year Seattle is literally underwater.  By literally, I mean figuratively – that is, the air feels filled with rain and you can’t go anywhere without getting soaked.  This is a property of Seattle, and I am not intending to complain overmuch, but there are various consequences to consider when you are living at the bottom of a rain-ocean half the year.

The first negative consequence of Seattle’s ubiquitous rain is that Seattleites (SOMEHOW) are awful at driving when it’s drizzling or worse.  This is frustrating to anyone who comes from a more Los Angeles style proactive school of driving like myself.  Umbrellas are another trap of rainy days – sure, they’ll keep you dry, but (a) they are hard to share and often lose their value in a large group, and (b) if you’re like me, you are bound to forget about it and leave it somewhere when you are out and about.  Also – and I want to try to remove my own bias here because I am feeling a bit sickly – rainy days are conducive to becoming sick, if you aren’t careful.

The rain is largely responsible for why Seattle is the Emerald City and not the Durdley Brown City, so that’s a major upside.  It’s also pretty cathartic to just go out into rain and let it fall, washing away your cares.  I do especially appreciate sunshowers (my favorite weather), and they are more frequent here than many other places.  On a weekend, when it’s raining outside and you have a book and you’re curled up on the bed or couch with your loyal pup – that’s pretty heavenly.  So there are amazing parts to rainy days, too!

Overall: B- (A- for sunshowers)
Compared to Sunny Days: A Necessary Evil
Utility At Spreading Water Over Large Area: Very High