I go to Ozzie’s basically every week for Monday Night Karaoke.  Karaoke on Mondays has become something of a tradition, transitioning from the U District’s Dante’s to this Queen Anne bar due to (1) slightly better seating arrangements and (2) much better turnaround on singing songs.  Ozzie’s isn’t without its problems – after all, it is in many senses a dive bar – but the clear winning draw for karaoke is the crowd of friends I go out with.  So, I will attempt to correct for my bias for this review.

Ozzie’s is first and foremost a bar, and it’s not a particularly good one.  There’s one exception to my valuation here – shots – but for regular drinks of most kinds, it seems like the bartenders are far too surly and also not quite knowledgeable enough for my tastes.  They also seem to be missing fairly key ingredients (oranges, lemons, limes, milk) for alcoholic beverages.  I mean, I guess the guy made it clear to me it was a dive bar, but still.  I am usually not thrilled with going up to a bar and getting a frown when I try to order.  They do have reasonable table service (as in, some service) in the karaoke area, so that’s a slight positive.

As for karaoke, the selection is not bad, although a little out of date.  The sound system is hit or miss, but it’s been mostly fine in my experience.  The “KJ” (karaoke jockey) Deanna is very friendly and good at her job, which helps a lot.  I have never found it to be too crowded, either, unless our own group has 20+ people show up (then we are crowding it).

I have never tried their food, so I can’t really comment on that.  I also hear they have fun trivia, and their on-tap beer selection is medium-good.

Overall: B-
Karaoke Experience: B+ (Dante’s is worse, A Terrible Beauty is better)
General Feel of Queen Anne: Laid Back, Kind of “Don’t Give a Shit”