Halloween is kind of an odd holiday.  Unlike most others, it is not (in my mind) a primarily family/traditional holiday, but rather a creative one.  It does afford the opportunity for families to go out and for kids to trick-or-treat, but since the parents usually stay out of it (only in it as chaperones), it’s more about individuals and their expressions, even for kids.  I know I’ve certainly had a lot of fun over the years thinking about potential costumes and/or gimmicks for Halloween, and then enjoyed seeing people’s reactions and seeing their own costumes as well.

As an exercise in creativity, regardless of Halloween’s other purposes and associated history/meaning, I think Halloween does something great.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I felt like I had a good opportunity to craft something without feeling obligated to spend a ton of time – over the course of many weeks – due to needing a costume for a Halloween party.  Similarly, I think it’s great to give adults and kids alike a kind of sanctioned fantasy day where you can be a zombie or a wizard and not feel out of place, even be respected for your creative expression and/or aesthetic choices.

Because Halloween is a holiday, and is often celebrated in the workplace (I know mine does, almost to a crazy extent!), I also need to comment on its intrusiveness.  I don’t particularly mind when people express themselves creatively around me, but I do mind when I am (a) berated for nonparticipation or (b) expected to dole out treats because somebody showed up to my door.  I guess I just wish there was a simple social convention, like a sign I could wear, that was like, “I am not in a Halloween mood, please go elsewhere!”  Christmas sometimes has this feel to me (because I am Jewish and don’t really celebrate, and yet it is everywhere all the time).

Overall: B-
Creativity Outlet: High
Intrusiveness Factor: Medium-High
Overall Fun: A-