I figured I would conclude this month’s set of reviews with one of my own blogging experience thus far, only two months from the close of the year.  This blog has been a challenge, so much so that I have basically ignored all my other resolutions for the year :( , but overall I believe it has been a great success.  It’s more of a success due to its public nature than due to personal benefits, however, and that’s what I want to talk about in this post.

This blog has helped me to strengthen communication with some of my friends with whom I have lost or lapsed contact.  It’s also apparently inspired some of my friends to start or reignite their own blogs, which is wonderful for two reasons – hopefully they too will reap some of the personal benefits I’ll list below, and also by regularly blogging, they are doing the same favor of strengthened communication with me and therefore I’ll be less likely to lapse in chatting with them.  The discussions both among and from my friends on the various topics I’ve written about has been great to see.

On the personal front, I think I am getting less out of blogging than I was hoping.  That’s not to say I’m lacking in benefit!  I feel like I can express my thoughts a bit better, I have an easier time writing, and overall I feel like I communicate my beliefs and opinions to my friends better.  However, I was hoping that having a daily blog would give me a better routine (it didn’t – still post at haphazard times!) and/or would make me more organized in general (still not quite there).  I also think that doing a blog a day was a fine experiment, but I won’t be doing it that frequently come 2011.  Instead, I expect it’ll be much more of a “I had something to say” phenomenon.  Still, I am very very happy with my progress on this particular resolution, and happy that I stuck to it and reaped the various rewards.

Overall: A-
Difficulty, Overall: Medium-High
Difficulty, Per Blog: Not That Bad
Smell of Accomplishment: Hickory