I noticed Saturday morning that NaBloPoMo doesn’t have prompts on weekends – oops!  So the weekend postings are going to be somewhat random, include the following random list of goals I am going to tackle before the year is out!

  • Clean up my place and get the second bedroom ready for guests – I wasn’t able to convince folks to come and stay this year, but next year there will be no excuses!
  • Play through some seminal games that I have missed – I’m tired of being unable to contribute to some of the conversations I’ve been near regarding these games, which are numerous.
  • Go through the process of figuring out how to karaoke using my computer and some sound equipment
  • Plan out personal design projects for 2011
  • Have an outing with each group of friends in the area before people go away for holidays

That’s all for now – I’ve got plans within plans for managing all of the pieces of these goals in the coming weeks!