Monday, November 7, 2010
What would your dream home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who’d live in it with you?

I actually had to look up the definition of “yurt,” which I have previously only heard in the context of a dwelling that is eco-friendly.  Turns out they are kind of like fancy huts?  No thanks!  I remember Nate, Tim and I used to dream of building a castle and moving all our friends into it.  It would have many secret passages, and would probably overlook the coast in the Pacific Northwest.  Alas, regular life gets in the way of lofty dreams like that one, and I’m not even sure that’s the kind of place I dream of these days.

I think my dream home would be within a reasonable drive and a reasonable public commute (subway? light rail?) of an urban center.  I quite like Seattle and its people, but Boston and New York would also be fine.  I want to be within an hour or two drive of the ocean, because being able to take a trip there is important to me.  I think I’d want four bedrooms – one for me and my wife (who is quite smart, elegant and beautiful – applications welcome!), two for our children and one guest room for friends to visit.  A family room, a dining room, and at least one office room are also definite.  I’d love to have a game room style setup in the basement, and some sort of science lab or library at roof level, too.  Back yard for dog is high on the list.  Skylights and big windows are also important.

Maybe what’s above is quite mundane.  Ideally there’d be a treehouse system in the back as well, and a pool! :)

Honestly, the best home would be one where my important friends are not too far away, and I feel safe and comfortable and convenient to the kind of city life I enjoy (bars, coffee shops, bookstores).