Today I spent a bit of time browsing for furniture.  For a bit of background, I’m renting a two bedroom house that has a third “bedroom” in the basement.  I put my table down there as a game room, and I’m planning to move the futon I have into the 2nd bedroom for when/if guests stay over.  That’ll leave a pretty empty living room – TV and one chair.  With a couple events I’d like to host at my place in the nearish future, that means I have to figure out what to fill the space with!

My first thought is a couch, because it’s normal and will adequately fill the space with seats.  Mons and I had a short chat about couches at work, and he pointed out rightly that “normal” is actually a pretty important quality for furniture, especially for first-time visitors.  The purpose of furniture is to provide a comfortable space, and if guests are uncomfortable because all there is are hammocks and/or bean bag chairs, then the furniture isn’t doing its job.  Over time, people become accustomed to stranger layouts and what-not, so this doesn’t apply to frequent friends.  I also think a hybridized approach is perfect, because (assuming the load isn’t high enough that there aren’t choices) people can choose what form of seating they are comfortable sitting in.

Anyway, will probably try to figure out delivery options on IKEA stuff tomorrow – they are my first stop because I’m not looking for something that’ll hold up forever and they are relatively inexpensive.  I’ve also been trolling Craigslist, but I think it might be more trouble than it’s worth for me to track down just what I want.