I’m about halfway through Season 1 of Glee, which I picked up on DVD after having it highly recommended to me by multiple friends.  And indeed, it is a very fun show.  The ever-present drama and comedy of your standard sit-com (this one set in a high school) is as expected, maybe even a little better than usual because the characters seem to display more genuine emotion.  The fact that the cast breaks out into song, musical-style, about 2-3 times an episode is also totally awesome, and I really enjoy it for the same reason I enjoy singing along with the radio and singing along at karaoke – sometimes you’ve got emotions that are easiest to release via song.

Above all, however, the thing that makes me most happy about Glee is the show’s theme: that people are happiest when they are being themselves, even it means looking foolish in front of others.  I’m sort of a sucker for emotional moments in television, but it hits me harder in Glee because the aforementioned message is reinforced time and time again through the winding plot.  It’s an ideal I strive for in my own life and it resonates with me as the characters of the show struggle with it in their own circumstances.

I don’t want to give it a full blown review quite yet, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who shamelessly sings in the shower, hums along to the radio, or just enjoys emotional, musical television.