I went in super early (well, I guess not super early – only 6am or so) and did an aerobic/treadmill workout at the gym at work.  Man, it was tough – taking time off from exercising is just terrible for my ability to get back into the swing of things, both psychologically and physically.  Still, I completed my run and felt pretty good about it.  I am unhappy with my current weight, or I guess more accurately the distribution of weight – I’ve got too much flab on my chin and chest, and I think I’d feel a huge amount better about myself if I toned that down a little.

So, how to form an exercise plan that works for me?  The way I got it to work at Caltech was to wake up early (because Robin and Fred pounded on my door).  The way I got it to work in Los Angeles when I was working at Pretty Good Games (in Manhattan Beach, about an hour away from home if I didn’t hit traffic) was to wake up early and drive to a gym near work.  And the way I generally find it working here in Seattle is to… wake up early to get to the gym at work.  Waking up early, because I have more “free energy” in the mornings (I think that makes me a morning person!) seems to be a good plan.  And making it fairly regular would also help.

#2. I resolve to get to work early enough (pre-7am) on two days a week for a full month so that I can get a short workout in before I start my workday.

That should still give me enough time to work on various things before I get distracted by folk in the Pit / meetings / playtests, and it won’t be ridiculous on either my body endurance or my sleep cycles to do this twice a week.