Getting fit is a many-layered process, and exercise is only one piece of the puzzle.  Another equally important piece is eating right, which I am definitely not doing in any thought-out way right now.  I really enjoy eating with friends while at work, obviously, but it’s something that I think would be better in moderation, not just to keep myself eating a little better than “eating out” all the time, but because it’ll cost me less and free up some time (and also make sure I don’t burn out on friend time!)

I’ll admit, I have wanted to steal Tom’s excellent “cut up fruit and eat it at work” plan for a while, but felt like I was just being a copycat.  Which is an absurd feeling, so I’m putting my foot down and planning to do the fruit thing myself!  In addition to that, I think I want to set aside a few days a week (2-3, maybe average 2.5 over many weeks) to bring my own lunch – I enjoy making myself lunch and I think I can arrange it so I’m eating a bit healthier that way, too.  Finally, I eat out a LOT and I think having a meal plan for home (including “out with friends” or “out myself” worked in) would do a great deal to make me happier (and I’ll cook more, which I also enjoy.)

Whew.  That’s a lot of strands to weave together.  Let’s go with:

#3. I resolve to plan no more than six meals “out” each week for a month, with a “these meals planned” calendar on my fridge at home.

I think the best implementation detail I can think of right now (and will therefore record for posterity!) is that I don’t want to be explicit about which days I am going to eat what, because my appetite can vary day-to-day.