I am struggling with finishing a game system I have been working on, for use in the (now very late) gift of an RPG mini-campaign based in Sanderson’s Mistborn universe.  So, although I do have some resolutions to make about games, I’ll wait a bit on my general malaise to lift, probably while I am on vacation late next week.  For now, I want to talk about meetups.  Or more specifically, Meetup.

Meetup.com is a website that is almost too awesome for me to use.  You see, there are tons of things I wish I could do (play the guitar, hike trails, go on adventures, play games with more people, meet singles, learn about nearly every subject, etc. etc.) and Meetup might just have a group for all of them… which means that there’s so much possibility there for self-improvement that I am overwhelmed and just don’t do anything.  Clearly not the correct thing to do!  So, I’m resolving to do something with Meetup (and meetups) next year, in the hopes that it’ll be a great way to “audit” new people and new activities without needing a lot of money (e.g. formal classes) or a ton of organization (i.e. somebody else is doing the org).

5. I resolve to use Meetup.com to find three activities to join in a month, go to at least one meeting for each, and write about them.