I really like to work on “small games,” by which I mean the creation of smallish game systems that are for a few people to play.  I discovered this fully when I worked with Nate to make Evil Geniuses for Todd and Tory, and since then I have tried to take on a couple other projects like that (making a game for a small audience – it’s much harder without Nate’s serious skills!).  One of the reasons it’s so rewarding is obviously because it’s dedicated to a particular group, or at least to a particular kind of individual, and seeing that group or kind of person excited is a great feeling.  But another, equally important reason to me is the thrill of making something interesting and engaging that fits wholly inside my head.

I think I’d like to make a formal stab at exploring this skill and its output (more “small game systems”) over the course of many months, both because I have a lot of half-formed ideas floating around my head, and also because I have more friends I wish to surprise and delight with said games in the next year.  I also haven’t spend enough time trying to create digital versions of some of those games, which seems like a good focus for my current frame of mind and for keeping my technological skills at the ready!

#6. I resolve to spend time fleshing out a game system every other month and creating workable prototypes for said systems, for a few months in a row.