I have in the past dabbled with the idea of starting up some sort of company entity where I can do the kind of work I enjoy as “side projects” for fun and profit in a larger scope.  But a question I have not really answered well enough is: am I comfortable doing this while employed by Wizards, in a job I enjoy?  The answer to this question lies in doing some research – research into Wizards’ actual policies with respect to moonlighting and getting a sense of what’s acceptable and what’s risky (and therefore off the table while I work there).

I have had tiny conversations about this with various folk at work before, but I haven’t approached this question like a problem to be solved in an organized methodical way.  Since I am still interested in trying my hand at some independent work (for a while in 2008 I was considering how I might use my bonus to take time off from work and do my own thing, for example), I think investigating the policies at Wizards might be a good way to (a) cover my butt and (b) light a fire in my mind again about starting up a project of this nature.

8. I resolve to fully understand the policies at work about working on the side, and then form a top-level plan for how I might do side project work under that arrangement for profit.