I had a resolution from last year that I liked, but didn’t really do much about – get some friends to come to Seattle and stay at my place.  As with most of my resolutions, I didn’t feel like I had the time or energy to do the work required to convince others to come and stay in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work – I just need to spend more planning energy, in the way that I might prepare a trip (but for them).

I don’t expect a ton of my friends to take me up on this offer, since a flight to Seattle from wherever isn’t the cheapest… but you never know when some might be thinking about coming into the area anyway, unless you get in on the planning level.  I’m down in Long Beach at Todd and Tory’s right now, and it’s awesome that they are able to let me stay with them… I’d love to be awesome like that with my place, too!

9. I resolve to coordinate with friends to make my home a place for them to stay for two weekends next year, or possibly for many friends at once (e.g. for a convention).