On the flip side of yesterday’s post (getting friends to come visit me), there’s a lot I want to do in terms of my own traveling that I haven’t done yet.  For example, if I hadn’t mismanaged my finances a bit this year (see tomorrow’s post), I might have been able to travel to mainland Asia, Africa or Australia like I wanted.  Regardless, although I do mostly travel due to work or friends, I think it would also be a good idea to travel on my own, to nowhere I know anyone.

There are a few benefits to this sort of travel:

  • I get out of my comfort zone, and as long as I am being social, I’ll meet new and interesting people.
  • I can spend as much time as I feel like I want to on the activities I care about (without compromising with others or feeling obligated to do anything I don’t want to)
  • I can see new places and things.

10. I resolve to travel at least once on my own, for a duration of about five days, to a new destination.