I kind of ran out of new resolutions to make, so we’ll leave it at an awkward 23.  As I mentioned before, I don’t think I’ll be doing ALL of them, but I do intend to pick a few to start with by the start of the new year.  So, how did this past year’s resolutions go?  Not particularly well, honestly.  I’ll be evaluating myself on them over the course of the next few days.  Luckily, today is thumbs up for me!

1. Write one blog entry a day.

I think I nailed this one.  Although there were some days I posted late (the cruise, work trips where I forgot, etc.), the record shows I do indeed have a blog per day for the year to date.  More than that, I really feel like I wasn’t making excuses-for-blogs, and I felt like I connected with the correct part of my mind in terms of lettings my thoughts and feelings out onto the page.  If you were to tell me at the start of the year how detailed and widely-varied my topics in this blog were going to be, and how open I ended up being in it, I would not have believed you.  Overall, major success!

2. Spend five hours each week on personal “side projects” – websites, games, etc.

On average, I think I have been spending more like two per week, and I haven’t really completed anything.  I think the biggest problem with this goal is that although it is measurable, it is not appropriate – I think I would have been much better served choosing a side project and resolving to complete it.  When I made Breeze, I definitely felt like the primary motivator of completing it so others could use it worked very well for pushing me forward.  Overall, minor success (I did contribute to this resolution, after all) with an eye toward re-statement in the future!