While I was in California, I was noodling on a sort of hobby project I could use to get my brain and hands working on non-work stuff, and what I came up with was a game table.  I want to design, construct and use a game table for hosting gaming at my place.  Here are some of the features I brainstormed in a short amount of time:

  • “Character Sheet Cubbyholes” – plus a larger one with a built-in divider/screen for a GM seat
  • Removeable tops for storing in-progress board games
  • An LCD integrated with the top-below-the-removeable-top that has a display-in port for hooking up a laptop to project a map
  • Built-in drink holders (with some sort of anti-spill screen?)

I intend to make this my project this year, once I am settled into my new place fully… so probably design thoughts in late April, begin in late May?