Back to blogging!  I really have no excuses (more on that later), and also I have had a number of “deep thoughts” I wanted to share and refine through the medium of public writing.  Well, writing to friends.  Well, writing for friends and myself.  You know.  I’m also hoping that this year I can do some more emotional investigation – Brady’s comment on my blog from 2010 where he chastised me for too much hyperlogical and neocortical thinking still rings true, and I’d like to get down into some of emotions I’ve been neglecting, to my sorrow.

Alida and Paul (Levy) introduced me to a new way of resolving for the new year – naming your year with a specific ongoing goal in mind.  You say “this is the year of {blankety blank}” and then that becomes the rallying cry for you in things you do that year.  I am making mine the Year of No Excuses.  It’s something that immediately makes me nervous in how sweeping it seems in its applicability, but the first and foremost way I’m interpreting it is I’ll always be up front about the real reason I opt not to do something.  If I can’t come up with a real reason (only excuses), I’m going to do that thing anyway, over my own protestations.  Additionally, for some of my long-term goals, like figuring out if I want to go back to school, no more procrastinating with a million excuses – time to get it done!  I think it’ll be really great!  Thanks so much to Paul and Alida for the idea. :)

No theme for this month; just getting back into writing and jotting down thoughts.  I’ll definitely get back on themes for February forward, though!