Things that hooo boy I need to do soon.  Keep me honest, guys!  (I like to-do list posts because they are an interesting snapshot of my brain. Also I get to make snarky comments in parentheticals.)

  • Renew registration (expired December, and they start coming after you in early January!)
  • Transfer direct deposit to BECU (screw you, Bank of America! at least, once I stop procrastinating…)
  • Create a January-February-March rough schedule for my work projects
  • Schedule a karaoke get-together at my house this month (or February)
    • Schedule some dinner parties at my house! Geez! I totally forgot about trying to get these going again!
  • Nail down plan for college friends visiting in about three weeks
  • Examine my expenses and find places to cut expenditures (kind of a goal for 2012)
  • Come up with a new drink when I’m out (nobody seems to have ginger beer, because Dark and Stormy was my first choice) (switching away from Black Russian) (suggestions welcome!)
  • Design lots of Magic cards! 😛

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s off the top of my head.