(Now back on my blog, due to problems fixing themselves!)

I ran into quite a few annoying issues with technology today. This always feels like a lame complaint, because technology does so much to improve my life, that it’s like 99% awesome and 1% sometimes-shitty… and then I complain loudly about it. I feel so entitled.

But so and anyway, I *do* feel entitled, to working websites and programs! I can understand it when I do something wrong or I’m working with untested tech, but today I was reading a manual on how to make iPhone apps, and then when I attempted to follow instructions, I ran into terrible interfaces on installers that made me want to punch people (through the internet). The same occurred later this evening, when I tried to use my WordPress site to post a blog and it just failed to load pages. Curse you, technology!

I am awed by the power of the tools we use today (in the form of available technology) but it also bothers me how few folk understand those tools sufficiently to fix them – including myself, most of the time.