I joined Bill and Andrew (along with new friend Kris) on a trip to Comedy Underground this evening for open mic night. Open mic is pretty hit or miss on the funny, but some of the stuff is truly hilarious. On a previous outing, I went with Bill and Jess and couldn’t stop laughing on some comedians. (I’d love to give example, but my memory for stand-up is pretty short. Most were hilarious sex jokes, let’s be honest.)

I’ve found the funniest stuff to be the suprising-in-how-honest/obscene stuff. There’s something really enjoyable about having an idea about where the comedian is going, realizing a split second beforehand how incredibly crazy it would be for them to go there, and then they just go for it. The best is when they do and they just don’t stop, keeping on the gag for the next full minute or so. (This one girl started her 3 minute set with “this is my impression of a woman who can’t stop silently farting” and made faces until she said “this is a 3 minute joke, people.” I could not stop laughing!)

Anyway, long story short, I am likely to organize an outing to comedy because laughing with friends sounds like the best.