Svitzerland! I went on a three week tour of Europe with my high school European History class between my Sophomore and Junior years, and we visited a ton of amazing places – Germany, Austria, Italy, France, England and of course, Switzerland. Lucerne was basically right in the middle of our trip.

Lucerne was very peaceful – the kind of tourist destination where it feels quiet and calm and rejuvenating (as opposed to loud and in your face, like many cities do). The people were kind and walking everywhere felt like the correct speed (this is a common feeling I have when wandering in Europe). Our group spent a few days recuperating there, plus a couple treks to ski and to tour the mountainlands. The hotel we stayed in felt grand, like a mansion, with giant rooms that held at least 4 if not 6 of us (my memory on this bit is a little hazy).

It was great to have this de-stressing time, because the first half of this trip was kind of a nightmare for me. Although I enjoyed seeing Germany, Austria and Italy, there was this strange dynamic on this tour – my group which was all-girls-plus-me and another group that joined us, which was all-boys. I tripped into being an outsider on it and being in high school, this felt awful.

Luckily, Lucerne offered a welcome respite and a new beginning – the second half of the trip was much better!