This one isn’t too exotic, but it holds a lot of great memories for me and whenever I consider trips to take, Vegas is high on the list (independent of other stuff going on). My first trip to Vegas was in college (where actually, I was kidnapped with my roomie Jeremy and taken there to… have a fun weekend) and I have enjoyed taking trips there and bringing friends ever since.

I don’t actually gamble that much, nor did I drink much when I was traveling to Vegas, so what was it that was so appealing? I love the “oasis in the desert” feel, possibly because I spent my early years growing up in Phoenix. I love the staged elegance/opulence, and especially how many different kinds of “theme parky” places are next to each other. And I do enjoy staying away from home in nice hotels, which Vegas has a surplus of.

There’s also a bunch of fun touristy stuff to do, shows to see, nightlife to take part in. I recommend it, especially if you have friends to spirit away on a fun weekend vacation.