It’s funny – of the top places I’ve visited, London is the one I have the least specific memories about, but one of the strongest general “I really liked this place” feelings. I’ve been there a few times now, and I always look forward to returning. The city is enormous – it feels like a fusion of Manhattan and Seattle, scaled up a bit.

I love the Underground, the straightforward simplicity of getting from place to place. (Hilariously, this was my first real experience with public transit, so whenever I move somewhere new, I mentally compare it to the Tube and become disappointed.) The people are relatively kind to tourists, and I’m a sucker for an English accent. The city feels very old (and is!) but it also represents the height of technology and progress. Plus, just outside the central hustle and bustle is wonderful countryside/suburbs.

I’d consider living in London if an opportunity presented itself – one of the few places I’d want to live other than the good ol’ USA.