Now that I have been on a few cruises (this was my fifth Carnival cruise, so I leveled up from red to gold ship card :o) I feel I can speak with some reasonable knowledge of some of the cool and not-so-cool things I have done while off-boat in port.

  • Cool: Going on active excursions. I really enjoyed zip lining and rock climbing, and snorkeling as always (although I had the same drowning reflex I always have when I put my face underwater)
  • Cool: Doing literal anything with friends is 1000x better than doing any activity alone. Had a delicious lunch in Grand Cayman with folk and it was a ton of fun
  • Not So Cool: The extremely touristy town next to the piers. I mean, I get this, but after the true-city feel of Juneau and Victoria on our northerly cruise, I am sick of them.