Dave I’m Dave Guskin – lapsed physicist, programmer and gamer, friend to many, sometimes humorous, always thoughtful, and interested in exploring a variety of ideas bouncing around in my head.

I currently live in Seattle, WA and work at Wizards of the Coast – the company that brings you Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.  I live in the West Seattle area, in a reasonably sized house (that I rent) with my adorable troublemaker Maxwell (he’s a beagle).

Here are some random things of interest about me!

  • I am 5?7 1/2?. That’s right – AND A HALF.
  • My favorite programming languages: Ruby, PHP, C#, Java and Prolog.
  • I hate hate hate money – or more specifically, scarcity.
  • I very much enjoy doing things for friends.
  • My favorite foods: steak, chicken parmigiana, sushi (otoro!), frozen hot chocolate, and pumpkin soup (or pie!).
  • I am 5'7 1/2". That’s right – AND A HALF.
  • Freedom for everyone is the core of my philosophy.