In Will Wright’s talk at GDC, he brought up the fact that most people (it seems) are getting their information via narrowcast channels these days; that is, a stream of information that they signed up for and that distributes to a group of individuals that naturally trust the source.  Twitter followings, Facebook friends – streamlined methods of personalizing the really simple (heh) RSS standard.  It’s very powerful to know you are a trusted distributor of information, and that your first-receivers are all opt-in.  No wonder the money-makers are extremely interested in virally reaching these communities!

I feel like right now, the way in which I consume new information is a combination of “heard it from friends (via narrowcast)” and “looked it up via Google and/or Wikipedia and/or other internet generalized info sources.”  Is the next step making narrowcast content easily searchable and indexable by the individual subscribers?  Or is there something between peer-to-peer sharing (chat, email) and narrowcasting (Twitter, Facebook) – I think Google Wave tried to live in this space, but it failed to capture the narrowcast aspect carefully enough and it seems to have fallen out of popularity.

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