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A Gamelike Experiment

I woke up at early o’ clock and have been busy running around, seeing friends, good stuff, all day… but that means I’m pressed for time to make a blog. So, I thought, in the spirit of current game trends, I might make it a social experiment/puzzle.

I once handed a friend a tupperware container containing a spleen. The spleen was come by honestly.

This was not the first body part to change hands in our social circle. The others are kept in a hand bag.

We seem strangely comfortable with this. I guess I’m pretty immune to stuff like this given my past employment. At least I can now hear people say “I need to hit an ATM” without snickering.

I guess with that sort of context, ATM machine is no longer redundant.

One day, the excess body parts will be surgically combined into a real live boy. Hopefully he will grow up with a Pinocho complex. I plan to profit heavily from his various media appearances.

That’s what she said.

That’s not what she said. That’s what I said.

So here’s the thing. We make these giant intuitive leaps with so little information. Then, we go back and fill in all kinds of reasoning that was never really there. Today’s irony: the less certain we are, the better we are at learning to make good decisions.

The art of crafting words is underappreciated. There are people who make it look easy, but like those who make great feats of athleticism look easy, they put hours of practice into honing their skill. The best words are rewritten countless times, and the rest of us never know.

Okay. I want to talk about little kids. No, not like that. Look. Here’s the thing. Kids are ALWAYS CUTE. You don’t need to point it out to me every. Single. Time. Kids are NATURALLY CUTE. Yet, it’s always “ooh, look at him play in the water,” or “ooh, look at how adorable he is in that costume, or “look at him roll around in the mud! Isn’t he cute!” I am tired of this nonsense. Can’t we just all agree kids are cute and move on? It will save us thousands of words in our lifetime.

Whew, that was great to get off my chest. Stay tuned next blog for an analysis of this one! :) (I’ll reveal the identities tomorrow, but until then thank you so much everybody!)

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A Day Away

So I think the experiment was a success – a good day overall, learned some interesting things about myself, and have a plan to treat my Internet usage.  I did use my phone a little bit — but just to find things in downtown Seattle while wandering around drunk, and to get down Emily’s phone number.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. :)

I got up and went to Wallyball, met up with a bunch of great work friends and had a great set of games.  I’ve been playing for maybe two years now off and on and I can definitely feel myself on the edge of “leveling up” and becoming a much better player.  After Wallyball, I went to get lunch at Eats Market (whose BLTs I have raved about in the past) and then took Max over to the Turians, where I rescued fellow beagles Tulip and Buddy from the impending bridal shower there.  We had a looong walk through the Cedar River area and a good few hours at the dog park.

That evening, I met up with Ryan and we went to a comedy show with Events and Adventures – a singles group that organizes tons of stuff in the Seattle area (and beyond!)  I was there as his guest, and we quickly hit it off with a pretty and funny woman named Emily.  She sat with us at the show, remarked on how Ryan and I were like brothers (i.e. both nerds), and then accompanied us to out-on-the-town afterward.  We tried a newish dance club (meh) and then an Irish pub (yay) and on the way out, well, I already mentioned that part.  It was a great day, actually.

So, what did I learn?

  • I don’t think I like being cut off completely from the Internet, but I definitely appreciate moderating my usage.  I think I will be closing down Gmail and Facebook during the day, and catching up at lunch and other free times.  Bonus: I’ll probably become more efficient at work!
  • I am very dependent on other people’s opinions of me, so when I mostly removed those from the equation, I realized I am not nearly as self-sufficient as I want to be.  I also have lower self-esteem than I would like.  Not sure what to do about this one except, well, worry about that stuff less!
  • I do a lot of outdoorsy stuff when I am not i-connected, but I also don’t really consider “stuff outdoors” to be progress toward a goal.  It’s a temporary escape, and I get frustrated with myself for not “doing anything.”
  • I need to watch that I am treating my friends properly in frequency of chatting and emailing.  When I cut myself off, my emotional brain rebelled at not hearing from my friends (even though my logical brain knew that’s because I told them not to) – it is selfish of me to demand my friends take interest in my life at all times (and it sort of feels like that’s what emotional-me wants), so I need to work on that.

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