I want to have a dinner party over at my place, sometime within the next month or two, but there are a few things that have to happen before I can do it.

Firstly, although I really like the new 2/3bd house I’m renting, and it has quite a bit more space than the 1bd apartment I used to have, the space for dining is not well arranged.  The kitchen is sort of a U-space around the oven, and there’s no dining room per se.  I think the best plan I have come up with is moving my futon into the 2nd bedroom and making that a combination guest room / entertainment room / office.  Then, I’ll get a smallish couch for the living room part of the living room space, and get a new dining room table for the half-or-so part of the living room adjacent to the kitchen.

Whew.  That’s a plan, alright – I’m not particularly thrilled it requires buying more furniture, but that’s the way it goes.

Where’s the old dining room table?  I like that down in the “3rd” bedroom, in the basement, which I’ve converted into a gaming room.  If it weren’t so out of the way, I would just move the TV down there too and make that the game/entertainment zone.  I think the better plan is to keep it for gaming only, and hook up my old projector so that it projects down onto the table for exciting board games and role playing games digitally plastered on the table.

And finally, I need to figure out what I will cook for the first of said dinner parties, and who to invite.  I think keeping it to 10 or less people is ideal, and depending on the number of vegetarians, a simple Italian dish might be best.

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