I’m not sure if I liked the Social Network.  Well, let me rephrase – I definitely enjoyed watching the Social Network.  What I wonder is whether I think it is a good movie.  It is so far (generally) from the kind of movie I watch, that I am really only finding two reference points: Garden State and Fight Club, both excellent films that I also really liked.  The reason I picked those two is because the central conceit of the movie is watching main characters change through everyday (or sometimes extraordinary, but still believable) action, without other genres mixing in too heavily.  Garden State (which mixes with romantic comedy) and Fight Club (which mixes with action) are both within that space, but the Social Network is still different enough that I’m having a hard time evaluating it properly.

Things I do know about the Social Network:

  • The dialogue was totally awesome and well performed.  Every actor in this movie did an excellent job.
  • The pacing and flow of the action was perfect.  I was never bored, I was interested in what was having due to and to the characters, and the plot made sense.
  • It felt a little rushed near the end, like too many threads woven together meant the plot had to accelerate to close them all off.
  • Most of the characters were heavily flawed, which contributed greatly to the film’s sense of realism, and yet I still identified with them (indicating I share their flaws, or I still found value in them).

I think I would want to watch it again in the comfort of my own home, and I certainly wouldn’t fault anyone for doing that rather than watching it in a big screen theater.  I wonder how much of the plot was true to fact, but honestly, I think it’s the right level of realism regardless of how factual is actually is.

Overall: B+ (pending second watch)
Number of FB Users Acquired Per Movie Minute (average): ~8,300
Times I Wanted To Punch Zuckerberg’s Character: ~6

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