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#3: Good Eats

Getting fit is a many-layered process, and exercise is only one piece of the puzzle.  Another equally important piece is eating right, which I am definitely not doing in any thought-out way right now.  I really enjoy eating with friends while at work, obviously, but it’s something that I think would be better in moderation, not just to keep myself eating a little better than “eating out” all the time, but because it’ll cost me less and free up some time (and also make sure I don’t burn out on friend time!)

I’ll admit, I have wanted to steal Tom’s excellent “cut up fruit and eat it at work” plan for a while, but felt like I was just being a copycat.  Which is an absurd feeling, so I’m putting my foot down and planning to do the fruit thing myself!  In addition to that, I think I want to set aside a few days a week (2-3, maybe average 2.5 over many weeks) to bring my own lunch – I enjoy making myself lunch and I think I can arrange it so I’m eating a bit healthier that way, too.  Finally, I eat out a LOT and I think having a meal plan for home (including “out with friends” or “out myself” worked in) would do a great deal to make me happier (and I’ll cook more, which I also enjoy.)

Whew.  That’s a lot of strands to weave together.  Let’s go with:

#3. I resolve to plan no more than six meals “out” each week for a month, with a “these meals planned” calendar on my fridge at home.

I think the best implementation detail I can think of right now (and will therefore record for posterity!) is that I don’t want to be explicit about which days I am going to eat what, because my appetite can vary day-to-day.

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I hate being sick.  Also, I am rarely sick – that might have something to do with my antipathy.  I find myself holding my health up until key milestones, like end-of-year exams or big trips, and then when I am finished, my health crashes.  I’m not sure exactly why I am feeling so bad right now, but it’s true – my eyes are on fire, my nose is completely stuffed up and I can barely breathe.  And yet I still blog, ha!  I am certainly resolved.

I’m pretty sure it’s a violent allergic reaction, since a pollination happened shortly after I got back from San Juan, and due to the rapidly warming summer-has-arrived climate, Max is shedding tons in a short period of time and it’s kinda all over the place.  I’ve been using antihistamine medication to try and function, but Jason and Megan told me I am not using sufficient strength medication of that variety, so I’m going to head over to the pharmacy and demand stronger drugs (but probably not in exactly that way).

It’s times like this when I wonder about the benefits of downloading my brain into a computer, and damn the drawbacks.

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