I just returned from the Child’s Play Charity Dinner, which I was fortunate enough to attend as a representative of Wizards of the Coast (our company got a couple of tables worth of guests for charitable contributions), and it was really great.  Not only did I get to dress up in my sweet suit, but I also was able to mingle with other gamers from the area in kind of a PAX Formal, plus catch up a little with friends I haven’t seen in a while (hi Jeremy and Jamie!) and hang out with work friends outside of a strictly work setting.  Plus it was all for an good cause – providing games and entertainment to children in hospitals as moral support when times are dark.

I have recently been pondering more generally whether I would feel good about doing volunteer work, getting myself more involved personally and making a more direct impact on the world through my efforts.  Well, I’m sure I would feel good about it, but better than I would doing other things?  I’d like to find out.  So, I plan to take a look into some charitable activities I can do on a trial basis as a side project in the new year.

7. I resolve to try out a few volunteer activities by finding, signing up and going out to join in at least two different such activities in a month.

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