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#19: Cleanliness

It’s no secret that I don’t keep my place spotless.  But a lesser known fact is that I don’t clean much (vacuum, sweep, dust, etc.) at home unless I know I have company coming.  Scandalous!  In the past I have made a good effort to get things reasonable before friends arrive (most of the time) but I feel I could do a lot better if I get myself into a new routine of cleaning up a bit each day.  A lot of these resolutions are about routines, actually – I have never really formed a good habit for habit-forming.  Repetition will have to be my guide.

As for what I want to do:

  • Mow the lawn myself (I had a service do it, but more than the money or time, I just need to get in the habit of stuff like that)
  • Keep all my working surfaces (desk, sink, kitchen counters) as clean as I can at all times
  • Schedule laundry and a more robust cleanup on a regular basis (bi-weekly?)

19. I resolve to keep a more rigorous and methodic cleaning schedule, including the tasks described above, for at least three months.

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#9: Stay, Friends

I had a resolution from last year that I liked, but didn’t really do much about – get some friends to come to Seattle and stay at my place.  As with most of my resolutions, I didn’t feel like I had the time or energy to do the work required to convince others to come and stay in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work – I just need to spend more planning energy, in the way that I might prepare a trip (but for them).

I don’t expect a ton of my friends to take me up on this offer, since a flight to Seattle from wherever isn’t the cheapest… but you never know when some might be thinking about coming into the area anyway, unless you get in on the planning level.  I’m down in Long Beach at Todd and Tory’s right now, and it’s awesome that they are able to let me stay with them… I’d love to be awesome like that with my place, too!

9. I resolve to coordinate with friends to make my home a place for them to stay for two weekends next year, or possibly for many friends at once (e.g. for a convention).

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
What’s on your wall: prints, posters, photos, paintings? What makes you want to hang something up?

Right now, my walls at home are pretty barren.  In my room, I have only “Master Bedroom,” the first print I framed for myself when I worked at Prints Plus in Cambridge, MA, which is essentially a picture of a bedroom, bed and golden retriever sleeping.  Also, above my desk I have an At-A-Glance 120 day planner calendar, but it’s still showing June-July-August-September. 😛  Should probably update that.  I have a few other framed prints that I will put up once my furnishing mission for the remainder of the year is complete.

At work, I have a few funny printouts from the Internet up – social networking websites as vices, and “hug failed” from some stick figure comic I can’t remember right now.  I also have up a vintage print of WWII era “Loose Lips” guy drowning, pointing his finger and saying “Somebody Talked!”  That one is a subtle dig at co-workers talking too loudly around me, which makes me chuckle.

In general, I post things I would want to look at and/or that represent things I like or that I want to introduce other people to.  I have an Inception movie poster that I need to find a place for, for example, because I really really enjoyed that movie.  I almost never put up photographs because I don’t take them that often, and I don’t really put a huge amount of nostalgia in captured visual memories because my own visual memory is very good.  Probably I will regret that as I age and I start to forget what things looked like!

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Snow Gear

Monday, November 22, 2010
Tell us about what you’re wearing today. Where’d you get your shoes? How long have you had that tie? Is that your grandmother’s watch?

Well, this morning I woke up to snow on the ground.  Quite a bit of it, actually – and it doesn’t often snow before Thanskgiving here in Seattle.  Luckily, I had prepared over the weekend, by acquiring the following items:

  • Scarf, black and kind of ridged, wool
  • Thinsular black gloves
  • Thermal undergarments – shirt and pants

I layered over an undershirt and my Red Level Nine collared blue striped long sleeve shirt, and wore my Target black wool overcoat and the awesome Northerner hat Mike and Rachel got for me.  I did not change my shoes from my standard Nike LUNAR ELITE running shoes, which I bought in San Fransciso this year.  But I probably should, my socks got soaked twice!

It was cold today, but tomorrow is bound to be worse, and to top it off, everything will be ice.  (Frozen, Can’t Move!)

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Space Problem

Today I spent a bit of time browsing for furniture.  For a bit of background, I’m renting a two bedroom house that has a third “bedroom” in the basement.  I put my table down there as a game room, and I’m planning to move the futon I have into the 2nd bedroom for when/if guests stay over.  That’ll leave a pretty empty living room – TV and one chair.  With a couple events I’d like to host at my place in the nearish future, that means I have to figure out what to fill the space with!

My first thought is a couch, because it’s normal and will adequately fill the space with seats.  Mons and I had a short chat about couches at work, and he pointed out rightly that “normal” is actually a pretty important quality for furniture, especially for first-time visitors.  The purpose of furniture is to provide a comfortable space, and if guests are uncomfortable because all there is are hammocks and/or bean bag chairs, then the furniture isn’t doing its job.  Over time, people become accustomed to stranger layouts and what-not, so this doesn’t apply to frequent friends.  I also think a hybridized approach is perfect, because (assuming the load isn’t high enough that there aren’t choices) people can choose what form of seating they are comfortable sitting in.

Anyway, will probably try to figure out delivery options on IKEA stuff tomorrow – they are my first stop because I’m not looking for something that’ll hold up forever and they are relatively inexpensive.  I’ve also been trolling Craigslist, but I think it might be more trouble than it’s worth for me to track down just what I want.

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Dream Home

Monday, November 7, 2010
What would your dream home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who’d live in it with you?

I actually had to look up the definition of “yurt,” which I have previously only heard in the context of a dwelling that is eco-friendly.  Turns out they are kind of like fancy huts?  No thanks!  I remember Nate, Tim and I used to dream of building a castle and moving all our friends into it.  It would have many secret passages, and would probably overlook the coast in the Pacific Northwest.  Alas, regular life gets in the way of lofty dreams like that one, and I’m not even sure that’s the kind of place I dream of these days.

I think my dream home would be within a reasonable drive and a reasonable public commute (subway? light rail?) of an urban center.  I quite like Seattle and its people, but Boston and New York would also be fine.  I want to be within an hour or two drive of the ocean, because being able to take a trip there is important to me.  I think I’d want four bedrooms – one for me and my wife (who is quite smart, elegant and beautiful – applications welcome!), two for our children and one guest room for friends to visit.  A family room, a dining room, and at least one office room are also definite.  I’d love to have a game room style setup in the basement, and some sort of science lab or library at roof level, too.  Back yard for dog is high on the list.  Skylights and big windows are also important.

Maybe what’s above is quite mundane.  Ideally there’d be a treehouse system in the back as well, and a pool! :)

Honestly, the best home would be one where my important friends are not too far away, and I feel safe and comfortable and convenient to the kind of city life I enjoy (bars, coffee shops, bookstores).

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Amazon Fresh

I decided to try out this Amazon Fresh I keep hearing commercials for on the radio.  My reasoning, despite the Safeway being about two blocks away: it’s easier to collect my thoughts about what I want to eat over a number of days (the end of the week) and conveniently have the food arrive at my doorstep at the beginning of the week without my needing to take a special trip.  Also I am drawn to novel things, and I did really enjoy it when there was a delivery-like service in L.A. that I used from time to time at Caltech.

So, I loaded up a first order, stretching a bit to get to the $100 “free delivery” mark, and then slept fitfully until about 6am this morning.  Since I had chosen the pre-dawn time window, I went to the door and found five (!) crates waiting for me.  Sure, one of them contained only a free first-time customer floral bouquet (awww), but it was a lot more containment than I was expecting.  As I unpacked and started to put stuff away, I noted something else nice – the food was divided intelligently (frozen, refrigerated, breads, drinks) as opposed to the haphazard way my groceries usually are.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to delicious meals this week!

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