I am definitely a perfectionist type.  Despite my procrastination tendencies, I hold myself to a very high standard which is in many ways a “too perfect” version of myself.  I don’t think I would be as fulfilled via struggle and accomplishment as this “perfect” self would, for example.  But it is still a pressure on my psyche, whenever I find myself treading water and/or content with the way things are as a level lower than… well, perfect.

Hence, my first principle, which I’m sure is the onus for my perfectionism: Humans have unlimited potential. I think given time and focus and the human mind, nearly anything is possible (some things are impossible, but far fewer than you might imagine).  So perfection is not necessarily attainable (within our lifetimes), but it is a noble pursuit and helps us grow to become better versions of ourselves.

On a separate but related note, here is April’s resolution review and how I have not yet reached my potential:

  1. I have definitely blogged once a day, but it is on an erratic schedule.  Themes have helped.  I can make more of a routine of it and reduce the mindspace it currently takes up (I don’t want my life to be all about what I write down in the blog – I also want to live it!)
  2. I have spent a fair bit of mental energy on side projects.  Again, I can make more of a routine of it and then I will devote more time.  I have two interesting projects now that are captivating to me, so that should aid the process.
  3. I have not quite become a regular exerciser again.  This is just overcoming my urge to do other things – sleep and work (on stuff I care about) have taken priority, but I need to treat exercise as equal level.
  4. I have not even come close to preparing that much food for myself.  The reason (not an excuse) is all of my travel.  I can find a menu that works for me and add shopping during the week to my normal plan.  Things are not going to explode if I am 15 minutes late to work or home either way.
  5. I have a good plan in place for friends visiting, but right now I am the one doing all the visiting.  I think we’ll get back to this when I talk about my principles related to friendship.
  6. I have created some pro/con documents but not all.  I can focus more on the impact relevance of some of these jobs, because that will motivate me to consider them as paths.
  7. I have definitely been going out enough.  I can stretch myself farther outside my comfort zone – karaoke is fun, but maybe hiking or nightlife would be better for me.
  8. I have had a bigger urge recently to get back into Physics.  I haven’t yet.  I could do it if I paid it mental energy, and I think it’s worth it.
  9. I haven’t made plans for travel to Asia/Africa/Australia… yet.
  10. I have been extremely stressed – I think a significant part of that is coming to terms with how unfocused my energies are right now.

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