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Live from Carnival Glory

As you are probably aware, I do my fair share of karaoke. Ok, maybe even more than my fair share! So when I heard there was live band karaoke on our boat during the Magic Cruise, I was all for it. The first night it happened, I was tied up with configuring Faceboat, but I resolved to join the others for singing times later in the week.

On Thursday, we went over and grabbed two large booths. A bunch of us signed up, including the Seattle karaoke regulars. Live band karaoke has a somewhat shorter song list than regular karaoke, obv, because it’s songs the band has the sheet music for. (Also potentially the license, not sure.) Luckily, they had a song listed I was happy to do!

Ke$ha – Tik Tok
I love this song because it was basically our dance anthem on Magic Cruise 2, and I love this one the most of all of Kesha’s insane sing-a-long pop songs (see also: Die Young, Your Love Is My Drug, Blow, etc.) As I do when I’m about to sing a song *I* can’t help but sing along to, I stated “This one is kind of a singalong” at the start of my live karaoke act. Afterward, the MC/band singer remarked on how she thought I meant some classic rock or something.

“That must be how you guys do it in Seattle, huh?”


…more on this lovely singer later!

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Double Feature

Today is a kind of double blog, although both parts will be shorter so maybe it’s… 1.5 blogs? Anyway, here we go!

I joined in for Amanda’s karaoke birthday party last night, thereby doubling my karaoke for the week. Met a cool lady (Katie), danced along with the tunes, sang some good ones, and general merriment was had! The songs I sang were:

  • Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness: This is a nice crowd-pleaser and hence a good starter song for the evening. First time I performed it! (I always sing along though.) Easy melody, right range for me (high-ish).
  • Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man: By request (kinda), a great alternative song that most people know. Haven’t sung it before either, except along with the radio like every morning. Went into the crowd with the wireless mic for this one.
  • All-American Rejects – Swing Swing: My voice was shot, it was 1:30am, and all of my friends had left, but dammit, I had a song to sing. The remaining crowd was too kind, I didn’t really hit the highs on this one. Still, one of my favorites from them.

I’m looking for a theme, specifically a grouping-of-seven, to write blogs on for the week I’m gone on the Magic Cruise! (Since I won’t have Internet – just Faceboat – I’ll write them beforehand and time-release them to the public.)

Do you have any ideas? Here are the ones I was mulling over so far:

  • Seven Deadly Sins – I’ll talk about each one and how I feel it’s been represented/a challenge in my life.
  • Top 7 places I’ve visited
  • A specific story, either a memory or a piece of fiction, in 7 parts


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Songs of a Color

Last night at karaoke, I decided I wanted to sing a song I missed out on from last week (early night), and that led me to brainstorm other songs with similar titles. That led me to the theme: black!

Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Rolling Stones, although most of their songs I can’t sing very well. This song has come on the radio often enough in the past decade that I learned it well, and I do appreciate the lyrical twang on my emotions. Plus, I designed an entire puzzle around it for Ditch Day when I was a senior, based on the fact that we had a Red Door Cafe. Story for another time!

Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon

The Goo Goo Dolls are my #2 favorite band, and were at the first concert I attended as an adult. On my own even, on Long Island! (My friend Nadia almost made it up from D.C. to go with me, but it didn’t quite work it.) I love the style of the Goos, and I sing them well. This particular song has always made me smile – it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense when I try to understand what he’s trying to say, and for some reason, that’s hilarious.

On a future night, I will deploy the third black song I would have sung, if I had stayed that late: Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun!

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Singin’ the Songs

Since one of my resolutions is to sing karaoke and never repeat a song (thanks again for the inspiration, Amanda!), I figured a good way to keep myself honest and get some blog posts done would be to talk about the songs after I sing them! So each Friday I’ll talk about the songs I sang the previous night (Thursday being the now-normal karaoke night for our crew):

Fuel – Shimmer

I discovered this song via Pandora, which is actually where I found a huge portion of the songs I know today. (Thanks Pandora!) I think the first time I heard it was a cover, then the real one came up on the same station. I enjoy using this song as a starter for an evening, because it’s straightforward, fast, energetic and (I feel) I do it well. It’s also kind of an emo song with an upbeat ending, which I like. Seemed like a good start to a year-long karaoke experiment!

Smashing Pumpkins – Today

I enjoy singing the Smashing Pumpkins, having been introduced to them properly by my friend Todd, who loves them. Today isn’t my favorite song of theirs (that honor goes to Bullet with Butterfly Wings), but I do love it! It’s got a good mix of highs and lows, along with some cool vocal acrobatics (as most Pumpkin songs do). I originally thought this song was a cover of somebody else’s Today, but I see now in doing some research that it is originally a Pumpkins song – nice!

…it was a short night, since I needed to head home early, but expect more like 3/night in the future!

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Resolved for 2013

I am starting up my blog again! I really enjoyed doing them for a year, so here we go again. Starting with my yearly resolutions!

I posted on Facebook that I am going to do a person-to-person resolution for each of my friends who ask for it. 40 so far and counting! I figure it’s a good way to get myself doing great things with my great friends. :) Sign up if you haven’t already!

Here is my full list of 2013 resolutions:

  • This is the year of confidence. I intend to let that be my guiding principle in my actions this year!
  • I’ll post a blog a day on this here site, every day of the year.
  • I’ll organize an event a month for friends, likely a party or outing.
  • I’m going to sing no song more than once for karaoke all year, while trying to maintain how much I go right now (~1/week). Thanks Amanda for the inspiration!
  • The aforementioned person-to-person resolutions.

Should be a fun year!

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Review: Ozzie’s

I go to Ozzie’s basically every week for Monday Night Karaoke.  Karaoke on Mondays has become something of a tradition, transitioning from the U District’s Dante’s to this Queen Anne bar due to (1) slightly better seating arrangements and (2) much better turnaround on singing songs.  Ozzie’s isn’t without its problems – after all, it is in many senses a dive bar – but the clear winning draw for karaoke is the crowd of friends I go out with.  So, I will attempt to correct for my bias for this review.

Ozzie’s is first and foremost a bar, and it’s not a particularly good one.  There’s one exception to my valuation here – shots – but for regular drinks of most kinds, it seems like the bartenders are far too surly and also not quite knowledgeable enough for my tastes.  They also seem to be missing fairly key ingredients (oranges, lemons, limes, milk) for alcoholic beverages.  I mean, I guess the guy made it clear to me it was a dive bar, but still.  I am usually not thrilled with going up to a bar and getting a frown when I try to order.  They do have reasonable table service (as in, some service) in the karaoke area, so that’s a slight positive.

As for karaoke, the selection is not bad, although a little out of date.  The sound system is hit or miss, but it’s been mostly fine in my experience.  The “KJ” (karaoke jockey) Deanna is very friendly and good at her job, which helps a lot.  I have never found it to be too crowded, either, unless our own group has 20+ people show up (then we are crowding it).

I have never tried their food, so I can’t really comment on that.  I also hear they have fun trivia, and their on-tap beer selection is medium-good.

Overall: B-
Karaoke Experience: B+ (Dante’s is worse, A Terrible Beauty is better)
General Feel of Queen Anne: Laid Back, Kind of “Don’t Give a Shit”

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Jenny “Tifa” Meyen

I’ve actually only known Tifa for a short time, but she is totally fun to hang out with, and I was hearing good things about her from Zac and Lee before I met her. The reason I know her is, of course, Monday night karaoke, which although inconveniently timed for a busy workweek, is full of amazing people (like Tifa) and excellent times.

Tifa is a very bubbly individual, evidenced by how she jumps up and hugs everyone who arrives for an event. It’s really great to have a few “social pillars” in any gathering – friends who are welcoming to newcomers, who are comfortable involving surrounding people in new conversations – and Tifa is that for our karaoke group. Also she has an awesome voice! She is also a quintessential gamer, working at a game store, learning Magic and even doing something I strive to do – planning gaming evenings with friends.

I’m grateful that I know Tifa and it’ll be great continuing to become better friends.

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