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Double Feature

Today is a kind of double blog, although both parts will be shorter so maybe it’s… 1.5 blogs? Anyway, here we go!

I joined in for Amanda’s karaoke birthday party last night, thereby doubling my karaoke for the week. Met a cool lady (Katie), danced along with the tunes, sang some good ones, and general merriment was had! The songs I sang were:

  • Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness: This is a nice crowd-pleaser and hence a good starter song for the evening. First time I performed it! (I always sing along though.) Easy melody, right range for me (high-ish).
  • Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man: By request (kinda), a great alternative song that most people know. Haven’t sung it before either, except along with the radio like every morning. Went into the crowd with the wireless mic for this one.
  • All-American Rejects – Swing Swing: My voice was shot, it was 1:30am, and all of my friends had left, but dammit, I had a song to sing. The remaining crowd was too kind, I didn’t really hit the highs on this one. Still, one of my favorites from them.

I’m looking for a theme, specifically a grouping-of-seven, to write blogs on for the week I’m gone on the Magic Cruise! (Since I won’t have Internet – just Faceboat – I’ll write them beforehand and time-release them to the public.)

Do you have any ideas? Here are the ones I was mulling over so far:

  • Seven Deadly Sins – I’ll talk about each one and how I feel it’s been represented/a challenge in my life.
  • Top 7 places I’ve visited
  • A specific story, either a memory or a piece of fiction, in 7 parts


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#4: Party in the U.S.A.

I’m about to host a party at my place, so I’m writing this blog powered by the Lemon Drop I mixed myself to warm up on my bartending (too much lemon, but still palatable).  I really enjoy getting groups of my friends together, and despite the troubles and stresses (and sometimes expense) involved, I still accept the role of host and planner when possible.  I am finding with this particular party I am having unique empathy issues because of my space limitations, which is new and interesting and not very pleasant.  Don’t want to focus too much on it, especially right before I’m going to have guests, so I’ll table that thought for a later time.  I’ll have to keep big party space in mind when I find my next place to live.

The core of the parties I like to hold are getting a bunch of my friends together to do some shared activity.  It’s always fun to introduce different friend groups to each other, and a shared activity often lowers the social barrier significantly.  Ideally, I think I’d be happiest if I was getting through my entire friend sphere in a half year, so that I will definitely see and hang with everyone I know and love twice a year (at least!)

#4. I resolve to host or be responsible for the planning of a get-together for friends about once a month.

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Annette Ramirez

When I worked on the fourth floor, I came up the stairs (for a bit of a workout!) and often walked by reception, where Annette used to work (before she was promoted!) Since she is an extremely friendly and smiley person, I struck up conversations once or twice and eventually we found some time to grab lunch together. On said lunch we found out we both <3 sushi and now we have a semi-/not-very-regular lunch together at a delicious local sushi place. Annette is a bit younger than me, but we face similar problems - balancing enjoyment of daily life with ambition and long-term goals. I think she does a better job of it than me, and I admire that in her. I also really appreciate that she is very friendly with everyone she meets/met at reception, staff and non-staff alike. Having once worked in a retail register capacity, I know how stressful and straining it can be to present a pleasant face to everyone, and it's even one step further to be *actually* friendly all the time, which Annette is. Annette's also a great work person to have at a party (specifically, our company party or any other gathering of many Wizards folks - like the Black and White party we had from a while back) because she bridges work friends and regular friends so well. Hopefully we'll have sushi lunches to look forward to in the future!

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Party Time, Excellent

Way back when, when I lived in Boston and Mick and Craig were my roommates, I took a week-long intensive bartending training class.  Once I finished, I felt competent and confident enough to do drinks at parties for friends.  As a result of this bartending hobby, I am now something of a drink snob.

I was sort of upset to learn that the two free drink tickets we got for our company party last night were worth only half a cocktail each.  Not a big deal, I thought, I’ll just bring lots of cash.  Unfortunately, extra cash won’t cure ignorance of how to make delicious drinks – and I found that beyond the standard “special” Wizards of the Coast drinks available (although I heard these were quite good), the bartenders didn’t have the requisite knowledge to make the liquor beverages I desired.

Here were the drinks I was able to finagle last night (to the best of my memory):

  • Lemon Drop – a classic, I have one at every bar I go to. My first preference was a Sidecar but the guy didn’t know how to make it.
  • Sidecar – second bartender also didn’t know how to make this sweeter-margarita style beverage, but was willing to listen to my recipe!
  • Vodka Martini – it was Skyy Vodka (not my favorite; I prefer Chopin or Ketel One) but it was simple and did the trick
  • Roasted Toasted Almond – one of what I call the “milkshake series ” – the milk and hazelnut/cream/coffee liqueur drinks.  This one was great because both the bartender and every one of my friends asked WHY it has the name it does, which I happen to know from bartender school!  (almond = Amaretto, an almond liqueur; toasted = Kahlua, because of the coffee beans; roasted = vodka, because you add an angry word to represent the Russian influences)

Overall, however, an excellent party – met a bunch of new, interesting people; talked about tons of stuff NOT work related; and had delicious food and, yes, drinks!

Special thanks to Jason, Ryan, Kristen, Tolena, Marcy, Mike, Rachel, Aaron, Anne, Worth, Dana, Mark, Laura, Brady, Shelley, Shelly, Erika, Jen, Brian, Katie, Cort, Michelle, Helene, Ilja, Bre, Lee, Vanessa and Annette – it was great hanging out with all of you at the party!

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