This movie made a promise.  A promise of hot tubs, and of time machines, and probably some relationship between the two.  And on that promise, it delivered.  I thought this movie was very enjoyable – the humor was a bit juvenile, but it did itself a great service by proclaiming right there in the title how ludicrous the premise was, and therefore had already groomed its audience for the right mindset.

I thought the actors did not really feel like they were comfortable as a group until a good way through the movie, but the sheer assholeness of Rob Corddry’s character helped that along quite a bit.  There were some great bits that utilized time travel in unexpected ways – lots of hilarity derived from things the group “knew” was supposed to happen, and then having that in-character expectation fulfilled/not fulfilled.  Their conception of time was just right for a clearly-comedy movie, and I was not disappointed at the end by how things were wrapped up.

If anything, what I would have changed about this movie would have been focusing less on the start and “return to the present” parts of the plot, and just do more with the humor of the situation of being back in the past.  Those parts were well-done, and considering the suspension of disbelief already necessary for us to accept the titular device, I think there could have been a little less mystical hot tub repair guy / whining about needing to “preserve the space-time continuum” (bah!) and a little more everything else.

Final grade: B+

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