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Michael Penna

Mike is one of friends from high school, of particular interest because he and I are more alike now than we used to be, and if we lived near each other, we’d hang all the time.  Back then, I was much more introverted than he by comparison, but we shared a “niceness” streak and were generally friendly people with similar interests, so we got along quite well. As I dabbled in sports, we got to know each other much better, and *really* bonded over Powderpuff football, which of course is when the football team (plus others like me) become cheerleaders and women play football. Mike and I also worked together in student leadership (see Conference Craziness from Yesterdave) and eventually on the student newspaper as well.

Even despite all of this, I was somewhat surprised when Mike contacted me and asked me whether I was attending our 10 year high school reunion.  I’m not sure exactly how likely I thought I was to go, but Mike helped convince me, and hanging out with him was a huge part of why I really enjoyed the week I spent back for my reunion.  It’s one thing to be friends with a person when you live near them and see them every day, but quite another to re-establish friendship after so long apart.  Mike is the kind of guy I know I can be comfortable picking up conversations with, even after years have passed.  In addition, he formed the core of a group of us who went out and chilled on the few nights we saw each other over reunion, because he is awesome and the rest of us gained awesomeness by association.  I don’t do enough to stay in touch with Mike, but thanks to things like Facebook, we are kept mildly up to date with each other pretty regularly… one day I’ll visit him again and we’ll have some new good old times together.

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Aaron Miller

Aaron and I met in Sunday School, when we were learning to become good Jewish boys. We both excelled at academics, and played games, and generally related to each other pretty well. I think Aaron is my oldest friend that I have kept in contact with. We were co-valedictorians, co-editors of the high school newspaper, and we were in a lot of the same advanced classes. There wasn’t a rivalry between us; instead, being friends with Aaron was like a friendly reminder to strive to be my best – maybe a little competitive, but friendly!

Aaron is also a wonderful musician, or was – I remember being super jealous when I heard him play the piano because I was nowhere close to that level of skill with any instrument (or maybe anything, except possibly math). Given that he had as rigorous an academic plate as me, but still found hours to practice piano, I gotta say I learned how to work hard from him, and not the other way around. It is interesting to look at how each of our paths have evolved as we have grown up – neither of us is doing what we thought we would, but we are both very happy. No wonder we became such good friends!

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