Last night, I was able to snag the last ticket Keridwyn had for a showing of Hump, The Stranger‘s amateur, local Pacific Northwest porn shorts festival.  Yes, porn.  The description reminded me of the sci-fi short festival I went to with Jason earlier this year, but both the crowd attending – a bunch of awesome folks including Brandon and Keridwyn, Paul and Erin, Joe and Karyn, and other new folk who are equally sweet – and the comfort zone boundary exploration made Hump a much more interesting proposition.

There were about 20 shorts, and although some were animated, most were – well, amateur pornography.  Of course, they had a level of self-awareness and hilarity to them that was much appreciated.  Understand that I consider myself quite prudish and have a hard time discussing stuff like this openly, but overall I would say the sex scenes were earnest but not that impressive.  I definitely found the most enjoyment from the shorts that were (a) well put together (as with any film) and (b) humorous.  To give some context and let those who weren’t there in on some of the humor, there was a silent film parody of the classic plumber scene (with gender roles reversed), a parody of America’s Funniest Home (Porn) Videos, and a scene with a masturbating nun that was hilariously over-the-top blasphemous.  Some of the pieces were uncomfortable, but as Dan Savage told us at the start of the show, that’s to be expected and is really part of the total experience.

Certainly, the show was not for everyone, but I’m happy to know that I indeed enjoyed it, most importantly I feel okay talking about it, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in a fun time watching, uh, porn.  From local talent.  In a theater.  Yeah.  I’ll stop now.

Overall: B+
Hilarity Value: Over Expectation
Best in Show: Sink

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