I thought Legion was a bad movie.  Bill’s theory is that the director made one of those “I bet I can make something so bad…” bets with his yes-men.  I think the movie was bad because there were a couple simple things that could have been done to make it so much better and they weren’t.

I’ll attempt to avoid spoilers, even though I would not recommend seeing it.  In short, the plot is derivative (of Terminator, as Ryan astutely pointed out), the characters were wooden, and the promise of ass-kicking angels did not bear out (in fact, this movie is more like a zombie apocalypse movie than a biblical apocalypse movie).

The pacing was way too slow for an action movie, and not really right for a horror movie either.  I wanted there to be more character development and conflict for the angel-protagonist played by Paul Bellamy.  It was great that he’s instantly recognizable from his name, but there was no payoff in terms of rich character depth – he was full mostly of one-liners and gunshots.

Two of my favorite “religious” literature pieces – the graphic novel series Preacher and the book God: A Biography – treat the God of the Bible as a character in his own right.  This movie hinted at God-as-a-human-emotionally, but it would have been waaay better if God had actually had any screen time.  Having his angels talk about him was sort of a letdown.

Finally, there were a lot of plot points that were just plowed through with implication but without explanation, and would have been way more interesting had there been any discussion of them amongst the in-universe characters.  Foremost of which was, why was the baby so important?  Nobody says, and they have the frickin’ Right Hand of God there to tell them the Truth, but nobody demands an answer!

The ending was of course pure deus ex machina, but I don’t think I’m allowed to complain about that, given the material. 😛

Final Grade: D+

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