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Month in Review: February

The lateness of this post is the first criticism I have of myself: this month, I let myself become less routine and therefore more of a procrastinator.  I am still getting a blog done a day (with vacation trips, they have sometimes been erratically posted, but it’s still one-a-day, so that’s good).  I am not really hitting on a few of my other resolutions: cooking, side projects, exercise, physics and stress are not really at the levels I want them.

I did excellent on travel and going out this past month, with a plethora of new friends from the Magic Cruise, plenty of time out dancing and singing (both here in Seattle, and on my recent trips to the Caribbean and to San Diego), and generally getting out of the house.  The flip side of this is that I haven’t really found a plan that works for me for cooking meals or exercise.  The sporadic nature of “going out” (it tends to be unscheduled because the people I go out with – friends, and great people – are not super organized, nor have I been, about scheduling) has made my time at home very unorganized.

My plans for the upcoming (current) month:

  • Keep organized around my planned trip this month (GDC in San Fran, next week) so that both before and after, I am still on track to cook-exercise-side project.
  • Finish cleaning / unpacking so that I can move on with my furniture plan, making the second bedroom into an actual bedroom, and get visitors.
  • Choose nights beforehand where I know I want to go out and do something.  I’m sure, even if there’s no plan, that I can find something to do on those nights, and figuring out which ones I want to do in advance will reduce my overall stress AND work better with the cook-exercise-side project track.

Overall, February was a great month, but I feel like I’m slipping on my resolutions and need to redouble my efforts.

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Pile of Tasks

I have been semi-destroyed by my terrible Sunday hangover and subsequent fun-times-but-maybe-a-mistake outing for karaoke on Monday night.  So each day, when I oversleep and feel terrible, I have a nagging suspicion that things are much worse and there’s tons of stuff to do that I am not keeping track of properly.

Well, here’s the place for me to keep track of those tasks properly!

  • Re-up registration and… ahem… handle my “registration past due” ticket
  • Get locksmith on the line to figure out replacement keys for my lost keys
  • Figure out Max Plan for my GDC trip
  • Organize seeing SF/SanJo friends on my GDC trip
  • Organize TSP Rotisserie for Sunday
  • Clean place, replace light bulbs, do laundry and dishes
  • Work on a side project over the weekend – maybe 2To, upgrading WordPress functionality, or Breeze?

EDIT: Getting frustrated with when I complete a post, say Publish, and then it doesn’t publish and in fact loses a bunch of information (everything I typed since last autosave).  Makes me want to make my OWN blog software. 😛 😛

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Catch Up

I procrastinate.  A lot.  So like, right now, where I am trying to juggle all of the things I am supposed to do today, on the day before I leave for a vacation on a cruise, I am stressed out – and this could have been easily avoided if I had done work earlier in the week rather than goofing off.

It’s like I have a hidden meter in my brain and it (my brain) waits until it’s the point-of-no-return for getting everything done (having subconsciously calculated the amount of work remaining to be done) and then pours on the stress.  Which is quite effective at focusing me toward getting stuff done.  But it does often feel like the calculations my brain is making don’t incorporate a bunch of other factors: other schedule-based events that I might miss when I leave work to the last window of time available, for example

Oof.  Annoying.

So anyway, I’m leaving today to go on vacation, with a rendezvous with Mick in San Fran before heading all the way across to Florida.  We opted to take the overnighter, which will probably end up having been a mistake, when we crash into bed Sunday evening rather than hang out with other cruise dwellers.

I’m not planning on having internet access while on the cruise (a true vacation: freedom from being bothered by the regular world) but that also means blog posts might not get up on time.  I’ve got about five in the can (and more to write) and I’ve recruited Bill to help out with posting them each day, but I’ve also decided that if I just post two-blogs-a-day on the week after I will have still satisfied the essence of my resolution.

Back to packing!

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Month in Review: January

Well, a month done – how am I doing?

I feel like I have accomplished something pretty great for myself in actually getting a blog done a day.  Creating and sticking to a routine, even with its ups and downs, has been pretty great — and in no small part to all of you who read my ramblings!  So thanks!  For February, with so much travel on the docket, I plan to make my routine more refined — getting blogs done in advance, thinking about some series of blogs that will help me get off to a good start when I’m stuck on ideas, and most importantly, picking a time to write and sticking to it.

Although I’ve missed some of the monthly goals required by my resolutions, I feel like I’m still in the race (just on the slow side, to extend the metaphor).  I went out twice (as opposed to thrice) and it was great – I’m certainly looking to improve on that number in upcoming months!  I’ve been cooking for myself and even bringing lunch some days to work, but not really the 7x times a week I was hoping.  One of my February goals is to actually get my place “moved in” — meaning I set up the second bedroom and the living room as I want them.  I suspect having a more structured home will result in a more structured routine day-to-day, although I can’t really explain why I feel that way.

In non-resolution aspects of life, I feel like January was mostly treading water.  I spent a lot of time at work this month, and as a result, didn’t really get much done in my “free” time.  I’m going to have to reevaluate how I am spending my time, hopefully with an eye toward investigating other career paths so that I can combine some real information with my intuitions.  I’m also going to have to get down to business finishing up some game plans and incorporate my friends into them so that I can rejoin the ranks of having fun with people outside of work! (I know, crazy!)

Overall, a good start to the year, but definitely there’s room to grow!

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Avalanche of Tasks

Borrowing a bit from Wedge’s bag o’ tricks, here’s a brief list of the stuff I need to get to this week.  This day is covered in meetings, so I am barely finding time to make this post, much less to get to anything on the list.

  • call PSE and tell them to stop charging me for my old place! >:(
  • same for AUM (the incidentals bill)
  • get a new formal shirt for Friday’s company party (new shoes?)
  • get suit dry-cleaned for above party!
  • talk to mattress place about delivery timeframe for a new mattress, if I were to buy one
  • send out emails about drafting this weekend – need Magic fix!
  • schedule cruise excursions and let Mick know, since my cruise in the Caribbean is in early Feb
  • bone up a bit more on Art of Game Design and related before Wednesday
  • set up in-Washington Bank of America account so that in-California one stops charging me ridic fees
  • meet with Bill about his site, also set up doing lunch w/ him and Zac
  • figure out a routine schedule that lets me workout in the morning (or afternoon before leaving work?)
  • clean up place and replace lights in the game/3rd-bed room downstairs
  • investigate couch / dining table options for living room

Haha, brief!

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2009 Resolutions in Review

So, how did 2009’s resolutions turn out, and how did I get from a year ago to now?  Next up: 2010 Resolutions!

1. Determine what I want to do career-wise long term, and take the first step(s).
Midyear grade on #1:
3/5, reasonable effort but could use improvement

I have not really made meaningful progress on this since the midyear.  I’ve been in a perpetual holding pattern – not entirely satisfied with my current work, but not dissatisfied enough to leave.  After early year possibilities (so about late January) I’m going to need to revisit my core plan – maybe even make a five-year plan!

Final grade: B-

2. Save $10,000.
Midyear grade on #2: 4.5/5, goal complete, look for extra credit

Well… about this one.  I definitely had roughly 10k saved at about the midyear point.  And then a few things happened – I took a ton more trips, I began resolving my hulking college debt, and I… didn’t spend frugally?  So yeah, not so much anymore.  The intent of this resolution – be aware of my money and accomplish some reservoir – was a failure, I think, but I still made some progress.

Final grade: C-

3. Cook more – for myself and for friends.
Midyear grade on #3: 2.5/5, increase frequency and accomplish aux goals!

I didn’t really keep this up, especially since I traveled so much and then moved.  However, I do have a good kitchen setup now, which should ameliorate the process – and in the past couple weeks, especially over my break from work, I have been cooking for myself quite a bit!

Final grade: B

4. Write a short story/novella – less than 100 pages.
Midyear grade on #4: 2/5, outline and plan to coalesce writings

I have started forming a story in my head, but I haven’t put anything to paper.  I think running another game in 2010 (based on Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy) will help me focus my thoughts, though it might be a double-edged sword – I’ll be spending considerable time on the story for the game!

Final grade: C

5. Run a 400m “dash” in a minute or less. (This is the goal for getting back in shape.)
Midyear grade on #5: 2/5, get a schedule together and involve Max!

As the year chugged into its second half, I became really bad about exercising.  Other than a run or two on some of my trips, and the heavy lifting associated with packing & moving, I have been a sloth.  I don’t even know if I could finish a 400m if I started one!  Definitely need to revisit a workout plan with the new year.

Final grade: D

6. Consume 50% less caffeine on average per day.
Midyear grade on #6: 2/5, showing improvement that just needs to keep up

I am at the very least making my own coffee in the mornings, and since it is not espresso, I assume that my intake has been reduced.  However, I still occasionally grab a mocha at work, which means that the 50% goal wasn’t quite in range.

Final grade: B+

7. Learn a language.
Midyear grade on #4: 0/5, must change to get this one done!

Huzzah!  Posso parlare l’italiano buono!  With a bit of cajoling between Bill and I, I have now sucessfully completed both the classroom and the field trip part of Italian 1 (speaking to a few Romans was enjoyable AND useful!)  I’m not sure yet whether I’ll take another part of the language class series, but I will definitely be studying more and keeping up with it.

Final grade: A

8. Create at least one real business plan.
Midyear grade on #4: 1/5, involve friends who said they were willing to help!

No real progress here, although some theoretical groundwork has been laid via conversations with some friends.  Next step, the hard one, is getting some stuff down on paper.

Final grade: C

9. Write a semi-regular blog. (For reals this time.)
Midyear grade on #4: 2/5, increase quantity and regularity

I don’t think I did too well on this over the past year – but that’s not super surprising, since I have had a problem with it every since the days of exploring the webs and making infinite navigations but no content!  I have set this site up as a way to channel my efforts, hopefully for a more consistent delivery of thoughts to words.

Final grade: C+

10. Stress Less
Midyear grade on #4: 2.5/5

I definitely feel like the travel I did in the back half of this year helped on my stress level (since I don’t usually stress out over travel-related stuff).  Now, at the end of the year, I feel like I have definitely been angry less, annoyed less and overall less upset than say, about a year ago.

Final grade: A-

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