Monday, November 29, 2010
If you could have worked for anyone in history, in your field, who would you choose and why?

I guess my current chosen field is game design and I’m not sure exactly who I would want to work for in that respect. I would probably go with Jese Schell because his book on Art of Game Design is one of the best educational texts I have ever read, and his view on games as a medium for experience design is exactly in line with how I view the role of game designers with respect to the audience. He also has a literal ton of experience in the industry and I think I’d be able to learn a lot from him in a variety of areas.

In my previous “career” of Physics, I would definitely chose Richard Feynman. He ranks high on lists of geniuses, had an excellent method of teaching and teaching others how to learn. Not only that, but Feynman was such a wonderful lateral thinker – I strive to see the world the way he was able to, or at least in an approximation to his depth of understanding.

Also, thanks Iris for reminding me I needed to post, which I am doing next to you (while listening to Lee belt some Mraz) at karaoke!

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