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Price of Progress

As I was going over my “bucket list,” or better known as Things-I-Want-To-Accomplish, I noted that I have a wide array of fields in which I want to make an impact (business, academia, personal, global).  But the nature of our advanced society is that people are highly specialized – they spend a long time training or doing work that is one very small piece of the whole effort of humanity.  I am sort of sad that there are no/few true “generalists” around these days.

As hard as it is to do one thing really well, I long to be really really good at a lot of things.  In my brain, I understand that we specialize because (a) it is more efficient for society, and thus incentivized, and (b) because people who do everything themselves (as in, growing/catching their own food, and making their own clothes, etc.) don’t have any free time, and people place a premium on free time.  I also understand that beyond these fundamental “required to live” tasks that have been specialized away, more skilled tasks have become so complex that to master two or more of them (like being a doctor and being a lawyer) takes so much time that most people don’t really want to devote the energy to them.

But!  I think I am enamored with being a “secret master” in a bunch of disciplines.  I think I place too much personal happiness in surprising people with how much I know and/or can do.  I may also be too ambitious.

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Bucket List

I was recently thinking about the “big ticket” items I have on my list to do before I die.  (I guess I am turning 30 soon, so it’s on my mind?  More likely, I just hate being bound by a job and want to get out there and accomplish!)  So, here are some things I would put on my Bucket List:

  • Spend a month or more living in a foreign country.  Preferably non-European, since I would like to step outside my travel comfort zone a bit more.
  • Be weightless in space; doesn’t have to be for very long.  I would also like to look at the Earth from space.
  • Publish a relevant paper in a scientific field.  This one gets harder to accomplish the more time I spend away from academia, but I still think it’s possible if I put my mind to it.
  • Be part of a successful business venture from day 1.  Hopefully one I start!
  • Give a speech to a large audience (something like 100 or more people).
  • Take a road trip across the United States.
  • Win a major competition in sports (unlikely) or games (likely, probably Magic).
  • Give each of my close friends a “perfect” gift (perfect, meaning perfect for them).

I also have in my head something to do with raising a child, but as it’s not particularly well-defined right now, I’ll keep thinking about how to say it and leave it off for now.

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Pile of Tasks

I have been semi-destroyed by my terrible Sunday hangover and subsequent fun-times-but-maybe-a-mistake outing for karaoke on Monday night.  So each day, when I oversleep and feel terrible, I have a nagging suspicion that things are much worse and there’s tons of stuff to do that I am not keeping track of properly.

Well, here’s the place for me to keep track of those tasks properly!

  • Re-up registration and… ahem… handle my “registration past due” ticket
  • Get locksmith on the line to figure out replacement keys for my lost keys
  • Figure out Max Plan for my GDC trip
  • Organize seeing SF/SanJo friends on my GDC trip
  • Organize TSP Rotisserie for Sunday
  • Clean place, replace light bulbs, do laundry and dishes
  • Work on a side project over the weekend – maybe 2To, upgrading WordPress functionality, or Breeze?

EDIT: Getting frustrated with when I complete a post, say Publish, and then it doesn’t publish and in fact loses a bunch of information (everything I typed since last autosave).  Makes me want to make my OWN blog software. 😛 😛

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I don’t often post about Magic stuff here because a significant portion of my readers (friends) don’t really care.  But about four times a year, something Magical happens that I am bouncing up and down about – the releases of our new expansions!  Today is one such release, and here’s the plan for the day:

  • Go to work and print out my profile sheet.  I made this myself – it says a little bit about me, what cards I helped design, and what I do at Wizards.  It helps break the ice for people who want to come play against me (not that I’m any big name, but I am wearing WotC wear so it can be a little uncomfortable for people).
  • Collect the remainder of the cards I need for my casual decks.  This mostly involves raiding our company store of the new expansion since those cards aren’t really available widely yet.  I am finished with my normal deck and mostly finished with my crazy fun deck.
  • Go to Seattle Center and watch people play for a bit.  It’s still a bit early to start gunslinging, but I might start doing that right away.
  • Gunsling – as in, fight allcomers – as in, play Magic against them and talk to players, gathering opinions and thoughts on the new set, and answering questions that they have.  Also, I give out a booster pack as “prize” to anyone who plays me.

After playing Magic for some hours, I want to try to make it to a Sci Fi and Fantasy Film Festival in Seattle, which Joe told me about.  The tickets aren’t actually on sale until noon today, but luckily the box office and theater are very close to the location in Seattle Center where we’ll be playing Magic.

It’s one of the few times I get to play real Magic these days!

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Avalanche of Tasks

Borrowing a bit from Wedge’s bag o’ tricks, here’s a brief list of the stuff I need to get to this week.  This day is covered in meetings, so I am barely finding time to make this post, much less to get to anything on the list.

  • call PSE and tell them to stop charging me for my old place! >:(
  • same for AUM (the incidentals bill)
  • get a new formal shirt for Friday’s company party (new shoes?)
  • get suit dry-cleaned for above party!
  • talk to mattress place about delivery timeframe for a new mattress, if I were to buy one
  • send out emails about drafting this weekend – need Magic fix!
  • schedule cruise excursions and let Mick know, since my cruise in the Caribbean is in early Feb
  • bone up a bit more on Art of Game Design and related before Wednesday
  • set up in-Washington Bank of America account so that in-California one stops charging me ridic fees
  • meet with Bill about his site, also set up doing lunch w/ him and Zac
  • figure out a routine schedule that lets me workout in the morning (or afternoon before leaving work?)
  • clean up place and replace lights in the game/3rd-bed room downstairs
  • investigate couch / dining table options for living room

Haha, brief!

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