There were a number of discussions related to Twitter today at work, some specifically about people’s personal tweets, and I realized I don’t really have a “plan” for Twitter.  I have an account (davetron) and I do post to it from time to time, but as opposed to Facebook (blogs, big stuff) and gchat (momentary status), I don’t really know what I want to be or should be posting there.

At first, I was thinking I could use it to track my emotional state daily – which was something that I thought about doing here, but opted not to for the very same reason Twitter would be a good venue for that sort of thing: length.  The trouble with this plan is that I don’t think my personal emotional state would be very interesting to anyone reading other than me, and although I do write some self-serving / self-analyzing stuff from time to time (okay, maybe a lot of the time, but not without an opening for others to comment!), I don’t think it’s a good idea to make that my shtick.

I do think I have enough to say about Magic that writing about it on Twitter might be an option.  I kind of feel like that market is well spoken for, however, and I would also much prefer to write about Magic later on in life, when I am not attached to the company that makes it and bound on what I can/can’t say.  I would love love love to write some sort of travelogue about adventures playing/covering/being part of Magic, and Twitter could be a good place for that (short and sweet).  However, now is not the time.

This left me with the idea of microblogging, where I could write a short summary or open question or even statement about the blog I do that day.  As long as I am doing this blog-a-day thing, it sucks up a lot of my energy to write creatively (as I found when I wrote my recent article for Daily MTG), so keeping it tied together seems smart.

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